Chicago Irish Immigrant Support is a 501c3 not-for-profit immigration and social services provider, serving the Irish community of Chicago and the 19 states represented by the Consulate General of Ireland, Chicago.  The center was established in 1998 with an agreement between Francis Cardinal George and the Irish Bishops, who saw the need for pastoral and social services for a new wave of Irish immigrants to Chicago.  Since then the organization has grown to provide a comprehensive array of services to the elderly and a full range of immigration and naturalization services. 

President of Ireland Visits Chicago Irish Immigrant Support

Irish Times Article on Irish President meeting with undocumented Irish immigrants in Chicago  CLICK HERE to read

Check out this Op Ed about the President's support for immigration reform from Our Executive Director

Chicago Celts for Immigration Reform Lobby in Springfield

The Chicago Celts for Immigration Reform lobbied along with other Illinois immigrant groups in Springfield yesterday, 16th May 2014.  They met with state legislators to press them on upcoming legislation designed to curb deportations.  Over 400,000 immigrants are deported annually by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, tearing families apart and destroying the trust between police and immigrant communities.

The Chicago Celts also met with Secretary of State Jesse White to thank him for his support of the new Temporary Visitors Drivers License, which allows the undocumented to secure a license.  They also shared some problems that have arisen in its roll out and secured the Secretary’s commitment to working through the issues.
10 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Immigration Reform
Congress has not yet passed legislation to reform the immigration system, 
but it’s important to be prepared if/when Congress takes action.
1 Identity Documents Obtain original birth certificates, passports, consular 
identification or any other identity document 
2 Original Documents This includes your children’s birth certificates, marriage 
and/or divorce certificates or adoption records
3 Taxes Make sure your taxes are filed, paid, and accurate 
4 Arrests Obtain certified dispositions for any arrest or conviction 
5 Physical Presence 
Collect records to show that you have lived in the United 
States, such as leases, medical records, bank records,
and/or employment records
6 Fingerprints
If you have ever been arrested by law enforcement, including 
immigration authorities, you may want to have your fingerprints
taken to review your record
7 Immigration Records
If you have had any interaction with immigration 
authorities, you should obtain a copy of your file from
your attorney or file a Freedom of Information Act
request to secure your file
8 Start Saving If Congress passes a bill this year, the application costs will be 
9 Stay Informed Rely on reputable sources of information. Consult with different 
news sources for information about reform 
10 Don’t Become a Victim of Fraud
Seek legal advice from an attorney/organization that is 
recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals. Never sign
blank forms! Notaries or “notarios” are not lawyers and are
not authorized to give immigration advice.
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Illinois Republican House Leader Jim Durkin with CIIS Executive Director Breandán Magee

in Springfield as immigration reform advocates brought their message to the state capitol.

Josephine's Year Anniversary
It''s hard to believe we said goodbye one year ago to our beloved Josephine Collins Stout, a regular at our senior meetings and a 90 year Clare woman who had such great strength in the face of such adversity.  Read the article by Dawn Turner-Trice of the Chicago Tribune here.  RIP Josephine.



Need Help Applying for benefits???? 


If you are Disabled or a senior we can help you apply for the Medicare program and food stamps and give you information on other benefits or help point you in the direction of how you can apply and avail of other types of benefits. For more information please contact Danielle Allen in our office 773 282 8445 or email [email protected] for any questions or queries.

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Aishling Companion Home Care, Inc.

Aishling T Dalton-Kelly is the founder and owner of Aishling Companion Home Care, Inc., a company which supports the independent living of seniors. Aishling Companion Home Care, Inc. is located in Orland Park, IL, but serves seniors and their families throughout the Chicagoland area. New services being offered include in-home assistance for new mothers and their families.


For more information or  if you would be interested in a career with Aishling Companion Home care please contact [email protected]


or Please visit the Aishling Companion Home Care, Inc. website here for more information.

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